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How to mess up a job interview

We've all been interviewed for jobs. And, we've all spent most of those interviews thinking about what not to do. Don't bite your nails. Don't fidget. Don't interrupt. Don't belch. If we did any of the don'ts, we knew we'd disqualify ourselves instantly. But some job applicants go light years beyond this. We surveyed top personnel executives of 100 major American corporations and asked for stories of unusual behavior by job applicants. The lowlights: - "...stretched out on the floor to fill out the job application." - "She used an iPod and said she could listen to me and the music at the same time." - "A balding candidate abruptly excused himself. Returned to office a few minutes later, wearing a hairpiece." - "...asked to see interviewer's resume to see if the personnel executive was qualified to judge the candidate." - "... announced she hadn't had lunch and proceeded