1992 News Headlines

These are actual news stories from 1992, compiled by Bill Mandel of the San Francisco Examiner:

A San Francisco man walked through a plate-glass storefront trying to board the cable car he saw reflected in the shiny window.

One of the men arrested for looting in the L.A. riots is a $3 million Lotto winner who receives $120,000 a year from the state.

A women in Royal Oak, Mich., was arrested, handcuffed, and jailed for putting her garbage cans out too early.

A Florida wedding reception was interrupted when the bride threw macaroni salad at the groom and he responded with gunfire. At the hospital, the wounded bride insisted on checking in under her new married name.

An off-duty Oklahoma city police officer ran from the stands at a high school basketball game and arrested an official who, the cop claimed, was not calling enough fouls against the visiting team.

Investigators probing Sears auto repair departments found that several cars taken in for brake repair came out with no brakes at all.

The 1982 National Father's Day Association's Father of the Year went to jail for failing to pay child support.

A color-bar test pattern on a Los Angeles television drew higher ratings than two competing stations' 10 p.m. newscasts.


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